Trending: Fall Floral 2016

There’s no arguing floral accents can make a dramatic impact on all types of events. They bring life, character and infinite color to any party. They have the power to influence our mood, our emotions and the atmosphere that surrounds us. With the constant change in trends, how can you stay up to date on hot in this season’s floral arrangements? We’re here to help.




Movement is the theme this season. A mixture of large and small buds of various textures and colors are sent cascading over the side of the vessel, almost overflowing with life. Leaning flowers and a variety of whimsical vines are used to keep your eyes moving throughout the arrangement, much like a buzzing bee flying in erratic circles. You’ll see long floral accents reaching across the table and arrangements akin to flowers bending in the wind. This trend in floral architecture is sure to create a visually intriguing style to any centerpiece.

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Punches of orange and red are expected in fall floral arrangements any year, but this year there’s also a prominent appearance of “dusted” colors. The presence of fruits and berries intermixed with colors such as lilac, beige-gray, gray-white, light blue, green-blue, ect. can be found in most of our arrangements to complete any “rustic” elegant look.



Creative Containers

This season, there is a profound creativity in the types of vessels being used to hold these arrangements. Creating texture and life, gone are the days of plain ol’ water in a glass vase. Arrangements in shoes, kitchen and household items, books, tree stumps, and gourds, just to name a few. The stranger, the better.

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