Part One: A Whimsical Ceremony in Aspen

Happy Monday DesignWorks Fans!  This week is quite a treat! We are doing a three part series on a one of a kind wedding DW designed in Aspen over this past Halloween weekend.  The couple was an outgoing duo who wanted an event that guests soon wouldn’t forget and we at DW had the honor of making that weekend a dream come true!  Today we are going to take a peek at their ceremony!  The Tim Burton meets Alice in Wonderland nuptials featured a custom cobblestone aisle dotted with moss creeping through the cracks.  Weeping willows dripping with orchids lined the aisle glowing from lanterns giving the room a soft romantic ambiance.  The stunning bride in hauntingly beautiful makeup met her handsome groom at a DW created stone castle.  Bridesmaids were bunnies, the officiant was larger than life; if a picture speaks a thousand words, then ours speak a million.  Take a look into the whimsical world of the ceremony!

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Post written by Megan Grose

Photography: Hal Williams Photography

Event Design, Florals, Linens, Furniture & All Things Beautiful: DesignWorks

Event Coordination: DL Event Planning with Jason Burns

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