Mirror, Mirror, On and OFF the Wall!

There are so  many versatile ways to utilize a mirror as part of décor that deviate from merely hanging one on the wall. Take a look at the creative ways DesignWorks incorporated mirrors into some of our favorite event designs.

Mirrors as Tables: DesignWorks draped linen over a table and capping it with a mirror top creating a contemporary look for guests to dine at.

mirror table

Mirrors as Vessels: Not only can mirrors be used to emphasize a design, they can also be utilized in a functional fashion. Here, DesignWorks used mirror vessels as part of a festive centerpiece.

mirror centerpiece2

mirror container

Mirrors as Centerpieces: Mirrors can also be used to make a centerpiece the focal point of a design. A mirror can enhance a simple centerpiece, like the one DesignWorks created below.

mirror centerpiece

Mirrors as Décor: DesignWorks added new dimension to this elegant event design by styling a mirror in the corner of a room.

mirror leaning

Happy Designing DW Fans!

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