Making Gratitude Part of Your Thanksgiving Party


Your Thanksgiving party checklist is completed and you are ready to wow your guests with your amazing event planning skills – but you’re missing one thing. The “Thanks” part of the party is a little ambiguous right now. How do you bring gratitude into your event without going overboard?

We’ve got a few ideas to leave everyone feeling all warm and fuzzy (and no, it doesn’t include forcing everyone into a turkey-induced napping state).

1. Get creative with your place cards.

If you’re going all out with place cards this year, why not take it a small step further and write something about each guest you are grateful for on the place card? Maybe it’s a personality trait you really admire or a quick note about a time they really had your back in the last year. It’s so simple and it will get a guaranteed smile from your guests.

2. Make an anonymous “Thank You” jar.

If writing personalized notes isn’t your thing, and you want everyone to get in on the love fest, considering leaving a “Thank You” jar by the entry way with some scraps of paper and pens, and request that guests write something they are thankful for from the last year as they come in. Once everyone is gathered at the dinner table, read them aloud. Warm fuzzies generated.

3. Have a Gratitude Chalkboard.

This can be as simple as buying a big wood board and painting it with chalkboard paint, laying out pieces of sidewalk chalk, and creating a little sign that prompts guests to scribble something they are thankful for. They can write it, draw it, whatever tickles their fancy. Then you can read them, or just leave it by the entry way for people to read over as they leave. Bonus? You have a cool chalkboard you can repurpose and reuse for future events!

What are your favorite ways to bring gratitude into your Thanksgiving get togethers?

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