The Submissions are IN!

It’s here again, everyone mark your calendars for the 17th annual ICON Awards Gala on March 3, 2017. This annual event is one of the most anticipated events for event professionals, service providers, and enthusiasts from around the globe. This year’s Gala will be held at one of our favorite locations in Denver, the Grand Hyatt Denver. Here are four of the events we’ve submitted for this year’s ICON awards! Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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Best Event Produced for an Individual: This Mitzvah was definitely one for the books! It had to have been one of the most fun events we designed all year. The vibrant colors and funky designs were just as energetic as the triplets it was thrown for!



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Best Corporate Event: Look familiar? We shared this event with you earlier this year! The National Jewish Health Rock-and-Roll-themed Beaux Ball was all about dusting off the records with a modern twist. This classic theme was brilliantly designed with deep, powerful reds, silver and black.


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Best Wedding Over $75,000: The Smith Wedding, full of lush floral bellowing over with color and life was truly a fairy tale come to life. This rustic garden wedding featured large  sunflowers, bursts of royal blue, and hanging gardens throughout the event.


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For Best Floral: The Miller Wedding composed a seamless balance between modern, contemporary and chic. The variety of textures in infinite white floral brought this monochromatic wedding to life. Elegant and timeless, this wedding gave a new standard to the classic white wedding.

Out of the hundreds of events we design each year, it’s tough choosing only four to submit. Let us know how we did, leave your comments below! I hope we win in all four categories!

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