Stars & Stripes Gala

In honor of the Independence Day holiday we celebrated over the weekend, we are taking a look back into a DW Designed Stars & Stripes Gala!

To begin the event, guests enjoyed a cocktail or two in a vintage USO or MASH like setting. This section included bikes and trucks labeled with the symbolic red cross coupled with fish net canopies draped over the buffets and bars. As guests finished their cocktails and began to make their way to the reception space, they faced a wall of glitzy Austrian drape. The treatment dramatically lifted to reveal the main portion of the event, which reflected a contemporary take on America’s beloved stars and stripes.


DesignWorks20120310_MikeRoffino (8)

To visually lower the voluminous ceiling and create an intimate setting, DW dressed the ceiling with blue baffles framed with rows of glistening twinkle lights.  Towering structural 12 foot chandeliers were then suspended from the ceiling. Each of these chandeliers were embellished with glistening crystal drops and an artistic rendition of America’s beloved stars and stripes.

20120310_DesignWorks_MikeRoffino (23)

Three complementing yet distinct designs were created for the guest tables focusing on stylized centerpiece arrangements that highlighted beautiful florals paired with the star and stripe graphics recurring throughout the event. Contemporary silver and ghost chiavari chairs added a modern touch as they were placed around the tables.

20120310_DesignWorks_JasonGinaPhotography (17)

20120310_DesignWorks_JasonGinaPhotography (35)

20120310_DesignWorks_JasonGinaPhotography (14)

As the evening cast darkness on the venue, the warm glow of the table centerpieces gave the 40,000 sq. ft. hanger a lively and active atmosphere.

Happy designing DW fans!


Photo Credits:

1-3. Michael Roffino, DesignWorks (

4-6. Jason+Gina Photographers (


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