Holiday Party Season is HERE!

holiday party season is here

We’ve stuffed ourselves with turkey and mashed potatoes, caught up on sleep and are back in the office, ready to tackle December. See, it’s not just holiday shopping season, it’s also holiday party season. And that, DW friends, is where we shine. We are busy bees setting up trees, fake snow, santa sleds, and beautifully designed florals this month. This is the time of year when our calendars fill up with corporate holiday parties, new year’s eve weddings, and a handful of other holiday balls, bashes, and soirees.

In the event industry, this is one of the most hectic, but also one of the sparkliest (one of our favorite things!) months of the year. It’s such an honor to help make your holiday celebrations special.

All that is to say, we’ve got a lot of holiday-themed content coming at you this month. Some tips, some tricks, some things to avoid, some looks back at events we’ve been a part of this year, and some fun holiday, non-industry related things.

As we wrap up 2015, we have so much to be thankful for and so much to be excited for coming in 2016! And of course, we’re excited to share it all with you, too!

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