Holiday Party Season: A DW Favorite

It is that time of year DW fans….  It’s time to make fun of Bob from Accounting’s dance moves, regret the alcohol induced conversation with your boss, and find out the latest gossip from your peers.  Yes friends, we are talking about the annual company holiday party!  We at DW love designing all types of events however there is something very special about the annual get together that allows for even the most uptight employee to let down their hair for a few hours and bond with coworkers.  Gatsby was the trending theme for corporate soirées this year and although we have had our fair share of ostrich plumes, vintage champagne glasses, and dreams about Leonardo DiCaprio, check out some other fabulous holiday inspired DW designed parties that we love!

Icy Lounge

Doesn’t this wintery lounge make you want to cuddle up to the candlelit fire?


Did you know:  Beautiful ornaments don’t always have to go on a tree!  Set them in a beautiful glass vessel and tada!  A unique design element your jealous friends will mimic for years to come.  Did we mention we love the cranberry inspired wreaths that photo bombed this picture?

Chandelier Ornaments

Are we learning something here DW fans?  Have you picked up on the theme yet?  Ornaments look fabulous in many places other than just trees like these bulbs hanging from a chandelier! 

Full Room View

A picture speaks a 1000 words…  Enough said……

Just kidding!  As if this needs an introduction, this is a DW favorite from the beautiful candelabras overflowing with roses and branches, to the one of a kind chandelier floating from the ceiling, the intimate candlelight to the amazing draping.  Oh my…  It’s impossible to pic a favorite thing about this holiday soirée. 

Icy Centerpiece

An icy branch centerpiece styled at the center of this guest table while red pintuck linens, textural gobos, and holiday cheer filled this room in style!

Chair Sash

No detail went unnoticed at the holiday partaaayy (yes Correcting Cathy, we meant to spell it that way)!  Guest chairs were wrapped in a deep red sash and accented with an icy twig to compliment the beautiful centerpieces!

We at DW hope you have a wonderful time at your company holiday soiree!  Our advice on a coworker gathering?  Before you decide to tell that person in your office that you ______ (insert – love them, hate them, think they smell) ask yourself, is that your 3rd glass of wine talking or would you say the same thing Monday morning at the office?

Happy designing DW fans!

Post written by Megan Grose


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