Haunts and Haute Couture Weddings

Beware DW fans, Halloween is upon us and creepy things are a foot!  Through the years, DesignWorks has worked at numerous venues shrouded in lore and tales of ghouls but nothing compares to the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

According to The Stanley Hotel’s website, the hotel’s eerie past has been documented for years, beginning with Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, the chief housekeeper in 1911.  One dark and stormy night (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves!), Ms. Wilson was involved in an explosion that took place as she was lighting the acetylene lanterns.  She was shot down in what is now room 217.  She was not killed but both her ankles were broken in the accident.  It is said her spirit takes special care of the people who stay in room 217 with reports of guest’s belongings being unexplainably put away or unpacked neatly.

The stories do not stop with room 217.  Every single room at the hotel has had documented unnatural experiences including items moved, lights turning on and off, being tucked in, and children’s voices and footsteps floating through the air.

If real haunts are not enough, the famed Stephen King book (and bone-shivering movie), The Shining was based off of his experience while staying at The Stanley.  Just stepping foot in the historic hotel will bring back memories of little Danny and ‘REDRUM’, not to mention the horrific scenes in room 237.

Despite the terror The Stanley Hotel conjures, there are a few bold brides who welcome the darker ambiance for their wedding day.

The DW team transformed the spooky hotel Concert Hall using bold black, ravishing reds, and creamy whites to depict a Goth Couture-inspired wedding.

The Stanley Full Room View

 The Concert Hall began to take shape with the custom built columns that framed the center of the room.

Full Room View

The main table utilized the theory of a King’s table.  No linen was used on this black lacquer table with artistic chair covers and tall candelabras.  To keep the palate bright, DW draped the entire ceiling in soft white tendo fabric billowing in the center creating a great shape to the ceiling.

Rose Candelabra

Guests dined while seated at long tables treated with stunning red rose candelabras, mirrored runners, and crisp black linen.

Gothic Sweets

The cake table continued the Gothic feel with tiered confections filled with eerie charm.

Glowing Column

DW custom built columns contained a cut-out window filled with glowing cylinder floating candles.

Custom DW Banquette

A Manzanita branch and red pompadour ball centerpiece perched atop a custom banquette lounge.  Crystal beading adds a couture edge to the unique piece.

All work and no play makes DW a dull boy…

Happy Halloween DW Fans!


Post written by Michelle Sutton


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