DW’s Favorite Sweets

In ancient Rome, bread was broken over the bride’s head to symbolize good fortune.  In Medieval England, small cakes were stacked high and if the couple could kiss over the stack without knocking it over they would have a prosperous life together.  Legend has it that in 1703, a young British baker’s apprentice fell in love with his employer’s daughter and proposed.  He wanted to make an extravagant cake for her acceptance so he created the cake with inspiration from  St. Bride’s church in London (It looks like a four tiered modern wedding cake).  Traditionally, the bride would place her engagement ring in the couple’s portion of the cake to show her acceptance of the proposal.  Thank goodness she said yes because the sweet concoction that today’s modern bride and groom enjoy taste testing and bakers equally enjoy designing was born in that very moment.  Imagine for just a moment: What if she said no?!  Beautiful bridal hairstyles would be filled with crumbs and couples would be toppling over into sweets and living poor fates!  We don’t like “What If” land…  Thank goodness for a young, creative Brit in love!

The history lesson is over, check out some of our favorite wedding cake designs that have been used in DW event’s past.

Clean Cut Cake

We are loving the modern, clean cut lines this contemporary confection styles.

Crystals, Whirly Birds & Cake, Oh My!

A DW crystal chandelier with whirly birds hang over this sweet masterpiece.

Flower Dessert Cart

A DW flower cart is a great option to hold several of your favorite desserts at your next event!

Cake Tree Etching

This Colorado inspired cake features sugary scenes of the Centennial State’s finest.

Happy designing DW fans!

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