DW’s Favorite Classic Celeb Brides

To keep with the classics in the month of December we are detailing our top three most classic brides. The best advice we have to give on everything weddings (décor, dress, cake…) is to keep it classic, even if your tastes are more modern or unique. Now, we do not mean to stifle your creativity, instead think about looking back at your wedding in 20 years. Will you still love what you wore? Or what linens you chose? Or the music you walked down the aisle to? We are counting down our picks for the top 3 most classic bridal beauties. If you take your style and add a dash of these classic beauties, you are sure to have the most wonderful wedding day that will be timeless, elegant, and classic.

3. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

This bride illustrates our thoughts impeccably. Most people would shy away from a short sleeve wedding dress, but Nicole took a classic fit and a classic look and added her own touches to create a masterpiece. She kept her makeup soft and airy, let her famous reddish-blonde hair fall, and kept it elegant with that cathedral length veil. 

2. Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

No matter what your political view, you cannot deny that Chelsea looked flawless on her wedding day.  What we love about this look is the classic A-line silhouette and cathedral veil, but Chelsea modernized it with a stunning rhinestone belt and made the skirt pop with multiple layers of rose tulle. She pulled back her hair and let her smile shine through. She even topped off the dress with a perfect all white bouquet. 

1. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Does it really get any more classic than Grace Kelly on her wedding day to Prince Rainer III of Monaco?  We can’t decide if it is the lace, silk taffeta, and tulle gown, the perfect pink lips, or the selflessness of giving up Hollywood for the man she loved. We cannot find anything we don’t love about Grace Kelly.  

Happy designing DW fans!


Post written by Michelle Sutton




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