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One of our new years resolutions this year was to give more praise and thank those around us. This translates into a monthly post praising our favorite vendors! They work hard along side us and we want everyone to know  how awesome they are.  We dive into their minds with a little Q and A and share some great photos of events we’ve worked on together. This month we are highlighting a fantastic caterer, a rocking wedding planner,  and a killer venue. Our events would never be as spectacular without the vendors that are in the trenches with us. A big thanks from DW to them!

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Save The Date Team


Give us a brief description of your business 

At Save the Date Events, we are truly invested in each and every wedding and event.  Not only do we spend many hours working with our clients, we become truly devoted to them as clients and friends.  It’s not uncommon for us to dream up ideas in the middle of the night or shop for hours to find the perfect accent for an event.  We stay in touch with many of our past clients because we built an incredible relationship during the planning and design process.

What is your favorite part of events?

My favorite part of the planning process is really listening to both spoken and un-spoken words from my clients to determine the overall look, feel and style for the event. Being able to understand their motivation and inspiration then creating the event design is incredibly rewarding for me.

Intimate backyard wedding for 30 guests or all night party for 500?

Easily the backyard wedding for 30 guests. There is something truly special about intimate events that I absolutely love.

Favorite celebrity wedding?

Any wedding that Mindy Weiss has done. I adore her style and design aesthetic.

Favorite thing about Colorado?

Living in a state that has 300 days of sunshine and the most gorgeous mountains is a dream come true for me. There is no where else I would rather live!

Favorite event worked on with DesignWorks.

We are really excited for a wedding we have with DesignWorks at Dunafon Castle this summer. It’s going to be stunning!


Footers Catering

Give us a brief description of your business.

Footers Catering is a full-service catering company that specializes in on-site cooking and amazing service. We focus on being a great company to work for and live by our mission statement: Love What You Do, Make It Better Every Day, and Create Exceptional Experiences for Our Clients and Their Guests.

Egg Salad

What is your favorite part of events?

Any surprise element! We love seeing guests’ reaction when they weren’t expecting late night mini breakfast burritos, an unannounced Palisade peach sorbet course, or the Cupid Shuffle from one of our chefs. The wow factor is in the little details.

Intimate 5-course meal for 30 guests or passed apps for 500?

Definitely a 5-course intimate meal. There is so much more opportunity to transform a menu into an experience. We cater for all guests counts, up to thousands of guests in a day, but some of our most memorable are intimate affairs.

 Ice Cream

Favorite celebrity chef?

Scott Conant. The foundation of his cooking is to let ingredients speak for themselves through simplicity. His philosophy of not over manipulating ingredients is an art and it creates one of a kind food experiences. When you taste his food you can really taste the love that went into it.

Favorite thing about Colorado?

Open-minded and creative people. Our clients are always motivating us to try new things and think outside the box. I think that stems from Colorado’s culture of acceptance and happiness.

Favorite event worked on with DesignWorks.

 The reception this fall for AOL, with fun light up tables and lounge furniture. DesignWorks transformed Casselman’s into a super cool place (which is not the easiest!)

Map Quest Event

Seawell Ballroom

Give us a brief description of your business

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has been creating theatre for 35 years and incredible events since 1998. The Seawell Grand Ballroom is our main event space and boasts 10,000 square feet of soaring ceilings and open space that allows our team to get really creative and provide our guests with customized events time and time again. The Directors Room is our brand new space offering 1,600 square feet of interior space and a 1,200 square foot terrace.

What is your favorite part of events?

The entire creative collaborative process is my favorite part.  Sitting down with clients and vendors to develop an event and the creation of an idea that surpasses the expectations of the client and team is truly rewarding.  The execution and realization of the final event, and watching everyone’s expressions truly make this shared experience worthwhile.

Seawell Ballroom

Intimate wedding for 30 guests or all night party for 500?

I prefer more intimate events that allow for more control over space and time. We have done an event for 2 people for a wedding proposal.  This occasion was one of the most memorable.  We have also created weddings for 150 people which took on a special life of their own.

Favorite celebrity wedding/event?

I have always enjoyed the ICON awards and the extreme challenges this event brings.  We have consistently tried to push our own limits and boundaries of what we can do in our unique space.  We hold pride in ourselves with our abilities to provide a truly theatrical, innovative and unique way of accomplishing events.  DesignWorks has always challenged us to try new ideas and new ways of executing events.

Seawell Ballroom

Favorite thing about Colorado?

The energetic people that live, work and visit Colorado are some of my favorite things about Colorado.

Favorite event worked on with DesignWorks

Recently we did a Bat Mitzvah.  This was a very challenging event involving many theatrical tricks and some major video elements.  The event required a week long set up and included automated sea creatures moving in the space, also kabuki drops and a large amount of lighting.  The final outcome was spectacular and quite memorable.

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