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More of our favorite people, places, and things, that make our jobs the best!

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Give us a brief description of your business.

Whether your social event is casual or formal, intimate or extravagant, our distinct and versatile event venues in Denver offer the ideal indoor and outdoor locations. From intimate settings for 10 to extravaganzas for 500, The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center has the event space that’s just right

What is your favorite part of events?

Seeing all the different pieces and unique styles all come together for an event

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 Intimate backyard wedding for 30 guests or social event of the season for 500?

 Backyard wedding for 30, simple doesn’t mean it isn’t spectacular!

Favorite celebrity chef/planner/hotel/desitination?

 Hotel – The Inverness of course! Showcases a sophisticated, yet comfortable Colorado style

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Favorite thing about Colorado?

 The Denver Broncos!!

Favorite event worked on with DesignWorks.

The Game of Thrones Theme Party – was awesome!


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Give us a brief description of your business.

Ashley Nicole Events is a planning, styling and event design firm.  Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, engagement, bridal shower or cocktail party, we will work with you to create a seamless event. Let our expert team manage all of the planning and design details for you and your event. We offer full, partial and even day of services. Since no event is ever alike, we offer custom planning packages – specific to your event and planning needs.

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What is your favorite part of events?

Our favorite part of the event is the “day of” and specifically the moment where we show our client the event space prior to any of their guests entering.  We thrive on getting to know each client so we can create their vision and more!  So, when all the months and weeks of planning finally come to the day of the event, we cannot wait to show our clients! Their expression always brings not only a smile to our face but tears to our eyes! Its one of the many reasons we love our job!  

Intimate backyard wedding for 30 guests or social event of the season for 500?

Intimate backyard wedding…for sure! While we love a large spectacular social event, there is something so charming and intimate when you have a small backyard wedding for 30 of your closest friends and family.  It allows the client to showcase more personal details and surprises for their guests!  

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Favorite celebrity chef/planner/hotel/destination?

Our favorite celebrity planner is Mindy Weiss. She’s the “god-mother” of our industry! Mindy is a mega planner for A List Celebrities and always crafts the most elegant details for her clients.  She is a Mother, Business Woman, Author, Spokesperson, Trendsetter…we could go on, and on, and on! 

Favorite thing about Colorado?

The weather and the views! We have the most spectacular mountain views just about wherever you are! The sun is always smiling and there is so much to do and see in Colorado! We truly believe its the best state to host your event and its evident in the recent increase of destination weddings taking place in our beautiful state!  

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Favorite event worked on with DesignWorks.

The “Out of the box” Event! It was a dinner event for Denver’s leading event professionals and the theme was very fitting for this event! Everything was unique and yet sleek and sophisticated just like those who attended! The acrylic invitations were hand delivered in a box which coordinated perfectly with their acrylic place card suspended above the table.  Guests enjoyed a 5 course culinary experience as well as evening video mapping surprise! The floral and décor was perfect….just like the company who created and executed it- Design Works! It will always remain to be our favorite event-ever!


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