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Dear DW – 

I’ve been to about a dozen weddings in the last 3 years and they all have one thing in common…The Photobooth. I love the idea of capturing photos of my guests but I’m not sure I love Photobooths (nor do I think my 90-year old Grandma will either). Any Suggestions that will allow my guests to interact with each other and also capture those moments?


My mother-in-law will not wear a fake mustache


You are in luck! We have the perfect solution. While not all parents are game to slip on the boa and smile, most do like the idea of having a fun photo of themselves. Enter stage left, Real Life Portraits.  This Denver (and now Boulder) based photo studio is a one-stop shop when it comes to weddings. They have amazing intimate wedding packages, can capture the beauty of a new born, and can take the most professional corporate portrait. However, what we love them for the most is their Live! Portrait Booth.

What makes this different than a typical photobooth are threefold;  lack of props, lighting, and the photographer.

Real Life Portraits

No Prop Zone

Most booths are defined by the silly props they bring to help your guests unwind. But in our eyes those aren’t needed! In place of props you get fantastic, stunning, real life shots of your wedding guests. Your guests aren’t masked by a pair of granny glasses or swamped by a cowboy hat. Instead their true beauty shines. Bonus – Grandma might actually head into this studio-on-site and not be intimidated by the goofy props.

Real Life Portraits


Your average booth has a blinding flash that captures you doing…well whatever it is you are doing. Live! Portrait Booth is essential a photographer’s studio brought on-site to your wedding. It comes complete with the best lighting to make your guests look fantastic. Believe us, they will be thanking you.

Real Life Portraits

The Photographer

In our opinion this is the icing on the cake. Instead of hoping your guests are outgoing enough to step into the photobooth and take a great picture (or having 25 photobooth strips of your one outgoing couple friends), Live! Portrait Booth has a professional, talented photographer taking the photos.  Marianne and her team are able to bring out the energy in your guests by interacting with them, just as any portrait photographer would. The results are truly sensational.

If you don’t believe us read the outstanding reviews yourself. In the meantime, Happy Designing DW Fans!


The DW Team 

Real Life Portraits

P.S. Have a question about your upcoming wedding, bar-mitzvah, bridal shower, baby shower, sweet 16, opening day party, 5th year anniversary, 25th birthday party, retirement celebration…(ok you get the point), let us know and we will answer it in our next Dear DW column. 

Post written by Michelle Sutton

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