Creative Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas


Turkey day is coming up fast in a couple short weeks. Your menu has taken shape and now you can turn your attention to the aesthetics of your celebrations. Little statuettes of pilgrims and turkeys aside, there are a bunch of fun, creative ways to decorate your space for Thanksgiving.

veggie centerpiece

1. Foliage and vegetables.

Forgo the traditional cornucopia this year and take a modern twist on your centerpiece by combining fall colored foliage (fake leaves on a vine work best!) with earthy accents like kale or other dark, leafy greens that range from green to purple. Throw in a gourd or 2 and place it all on a neutral colored serving tray. Use the fall colored foliage to accent and surround the tray and you’ve got yourself a creative take on a classic Thanksgiving centerpiece.


2. Pumpkins, gourds, and squash oh my!

These veggies are two things: in season and gorgeous. That makes them the perfect decor for your Thanksgiving celebrations. You can use them as accents throughout your home or event space, and you can even turn them into an “interactive decor.” Keep the pumpkins as decorations until after your thanksgiving meal has been served, then round up the little ones to scoop out the pumpkin guts and show them how to season and roast the seeds. Then send each kiddo home with a baggie of their own seeds to munch on later.

3. The deconstructed Pilgrim

Instead of the little pilgrim statuettes and stuffed dolls you see at many a grandma’s house this time of year, try something a little more modern. Yeah, we know, The Deconstructed pilgrim sounds a little strange, but hang in there with us. Take the hat, the shoes, the belt buckle, or some other aspect of the classic pilgrim attire, and use those elements as decoration rather than the whole pilgrim. For example, you could have the hat and a bonnet side by side, or on either end of your centerpiece. You could have the belt buckle and shoes on a coffee end table next to a pumpkin. You don’t have to give up the cutesy pilgrim motif entirely, but switching it up is a fun way to catch your guests’ attention.


4. “Thank” your guests

Of course, this holiday is all about showing your gratitude, so why not greet your guests as they walk in the door with a big thank you straight away? Decorate some wooden letters in plaid, oranges, reds and yellows, or get marquee letters and spell out “Thanks!” Place it somewhere near the entryway and let everyone feel the love from minute one. You could also place similar marquee signs near your buffet area that say “EAT” or “DRINK” to spice things up.

What are your big Thanksgiving decorating plans? We want to know!

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