Cranberries & Champagne: A Winter Wedding Mood Board


  1. 1.
    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, anything, or anyone. Working in an environment where I am constantly surrounded by pretty things and talented minds, sometimes the inspiration is overwhelming – there are so many things to love! Just as one idea comes in to fruition, I spy something else that delights my senses and just like that, another idea steals my attention and takes root.


I’m at a networking event at a new event venue downtown. A luring glass of champagne, garnished with cranberries winks from across the room. So simple, yet timeless. One sip takes me straight back to the last time I indulged in champagne: Europe. The old world charm beckons me.  A cool winter afternoon in Prague; the red roof tops peeking out from beneath the frost. Suddenly, the inspiration was everywhere.


Choosing a color palette may not always be about displaying your favorite colors; it’s about creating an atmosphere. Whether that’s a comfortable space in your own home, your favorite restaurant, or an image in a magazine that made you reminisce about a vacation you took, run with it. A familiar smell, a taste, a deja vu transports you to a familiar time and place. Hold on to those feelings, because that’s what drives your inspiration. Let your mind wander.


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