Behind the Scenes at DesignWorks

Today we want to invite you “behind the curtain” so to speak to take a peek at some of what we’re working on this week. From boatloads of christmas ornaments to whimsical Wonka-inspired globes, we are seriously indulging our imagination this week, and we. are. Loving it!

Take a look, and in the comments let us know what you like best! 


How wonderfully whimsical are these things?? They will each house golden tickets when they are done along with a slew of other Wonka goodies.  (Say hi to Bill, our floral department wizard!)

From a gorgeous, chic mock up we did earlier this week. The black and red complement each other so well. The white candles and mirrored vases add a bit of light and dimension to the setup to tie it all together.File_003


Oh we are drowning in wreaths right now, and it is fantastic. This is just one of many that are heading out to holiday parties DW is designing this month.File_002 (1) File_001 (1) File_000 (1) File_006


The rich color scheme on these centerpieces is to die for. Wanna know a secret? Those pink berries are a variation on coffee beans! (No, sadly you cannot roast them and make delicious caffeinated drinks with them). They add that much needed pop of lightness to round out the color scheme here, don’t you think?

Well, time to get back to the hustle! Hope you enjoyed your little look behind the curtain today, we can’t wait to show you more. If you dig these behind the scenes posts, we’d love if you left us a comment or shared on social media so we can keep bringing you the content you love.

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