5 Tips to Get You Back on Track for the Holidays


Oh, the holidays. I don’t know about you, but every year the transition between summer and the holiday season is anything but graceful. It’s sneaky and hits you like a cold, snowy brick. It can be stressful when you’re unprepared. But fear not, we’re here to give you some tips to help you prepare, starting now.

1. Make a to-do list. Right now. Grab a pen and paper and start a list of the things you have to do. Start big with major dates like Thanksgiving and Christmas, then hone in on the good stuff like shopping, then the who’s and what’s.

2. Budget. And stick to it. Next to each item on your to-do list, guess how much you think it may cost. Take a little visit to your old friend, your bank account, and see if the numbers allow for your holiday splurge. Remember, don’t buy just to buy. A little self control can go a long way. Not to mention, there are thousands of great DIY gift ideas out there if you’re looking to save a bit of green this Holiday season. I treasure the handmade gifts I receive from friends. They mean more to me than a cheap-o store-bought gift from Walmart (no offense, Walmart).

3. Shop online. Almost effortlessly, shopping online is by far the most convenient way to get your shopping done on a tight budget. You’re able to monitor multiple sales at once, manage your total with every item, and choose the best gifts, all from your couch. Many sites also offer great gift ideas if you’re still not sure what to get for that special someone. If you do decide to shop online, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Shipping time can be detrimental to the online gift shopper.

4. Don’t over schedule yourself. The holiday season is filled with celebrations, it’s important to know you can say no (unless we’re hosting). Over scheduling yourself during the holidays can bring out the Grinch in anybody. Over scheduling leads to stress and a run-down immune system. Plan ahead, and if you cannot attend a party, be sure to decline in a nice way. Offering another date to get together is a great alternative.

5. Make time for you. It’s easy to lose yourself in the holiday chaos. Personal time is a must. Schedule time for regular walks, reading, napping, a pedicure, anything as long as you can relax. A clear mind will help you sort through all the holiday mumbo-jumbo.


As always, if you’re throwing a holiday party for your business, friends, or family, you can put the stress on us and hire DesignWorks. We’ll make this year’s holiday party unforgettable.

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